Prices in USD

  • 180 usd - script + installer.
  • 230 usd - script + installer + installation and setup on the hosting (tightening the design is not included).
  • 300 usd - script + installer + installation + all future versions are free. Updates usually come out twice a year and cost 30 USD.
  • 70 usd - Tightening the ready-made design on a script**.
  • from 30 usd (minimum) price of any small, individual overpatching of the script.

In all variants of purchase there is a free support. One purchase can be used for an unlimited number of domains. You can pay using any payment system or bank transfer. Please contact us for more information. Individual overpatching is possible. Since the very beginning I work only after full payment!
** - there should be at least three made pages: home, registration and page of statistics..